IP to OVH OVH to ban

In the wake of the previous IP RPS ticket to banish OVH , I found myself by chance a few hours later with exactly the same attack but coming from a kimsufi (yes it lol Sat- sufi scan to type marcel : ) )

In fact to want to go cheap , you reap the users cream ... too often , good brief here is a new IP to clear knowing that the guy uses this machine to other :( scanner (among others)

Oh by the way , in my free draft and free PHP Firewall , I ( not no chance) from version 1.0.1 of 17/02/2010 added security blocking precisely these types of attack , like what I just a little early (good for truth already at quite time machines were used for purposes not very recommendable .= I hope that with time will the OVH ' Ho, there ' these small low rise badgers ...