Is the Smart Watch Worth It?

AppleWatch-300x300We live in a world that is dominated by technology. We have a variety of things that are “smarter” than ever. Televisions no longer simply allow people to watch TV, now they are smart and run off wireless networks and apps. Computers are touch screens and phones are miniature computers. All of these devices enhance and improve the way we get through the day. Now, you can also add in the smart watch to your “must have” list. It is the watch that claims to do way more than tell time, but is it really something you need? Here is the truth about whether the smart watch is worth it or not.

What Is A Smart Watch?

A basic watch is something that can tell time. They may also be able to tell you the date and whether it is nearing a full moon. It is a smart watch that will go beyond all of this to exceed your expectations by allowing you to play games, have a calculator at your fingertips, and more. The newest ones are basically computers that you wear on your wrist.smartwatch

These new smart watches can run mobile apps, play music, help you keep your days scheduled, and more. They may have built in GPS systems and maps, activity trackers, and a variety of other features that allow you to get through your day a little easier.

What Can the Smart Watch Do for You?

With smart watches, you have a variety of options. Not only are their different manufacturers, but there are different apps on each one. Some smart watches are designed to help you keep track of your fitness and health while others are geared more toward fun usability. There are smart watches available that use Bluetooth connections to act as a cell phone during phone calls. There are games you can install on them using various apps. Music, and more are all at your fingertips.

Are They Worth It?

SmartyWatch-300x300Smart watches are not a technology that is brand new, though there were not many of them available in the past, so most people did not realize they were an option. Now, though, more and more people are discovering them and the prices are coming down rapidly. Some smart watches are available for less than $50. Others may cost you a few hundred dollars. It simply depends on what you want for it to be able to do.

The catch is, that the more advanced your smart watch is, the more likely you may be to have some troubles with it. They are still more reliable than past smart watches and had you asked a few years ago, the answer would have been for you to wait until technology could truly catch up with what the smart watches were offering.

Now, thanks to tablets and the fact that smart watches are basically small tablets, same as smart phones, technology has managed to adjust and keep up with your needs. Most of these smart watches, even on the cheaper end of the spectrum, should be able to function as you want for them to.