Parental Control Apps and Software

ParentalControlsIf you have kids and smart phones along with home computers, you know you have spent many hours wondering what your kids are up to. The internet and the cyber world is a great place for kids to learn and socialize with their friends, but it does come with dangers and the possibility that they will do things you do not want for them to do. Kids by default are curious about their world and the availability of technology increases their chance to explore. As a parent, you have to worry about what websites they visit, who they talk to, and what they are doing while on the computer or their smart phones and tablets. If you want to take more control, why not consider using one of the best parental control apps and software on all of your devices. This will ensure that your kids are safer, no matter where you are. 

Why Parents Use Parental Controls

The cyber world is filled with fun and games, but there are dangers hidden within it. Even social media networks can lead to problems. That is why many parents keep track of who their children are friends with and who they are sharing personal information with. Even though you may trust your children, it is hard to trust other people that you do not know.

Parental controls and monitors can help you to alleviate your concerns. You will know that your children are not getting into trouble while trying to have a good time. You can keep track of who they talk to and if you feel that someone is not trustworthy, you can block their number from being able to message your child. They also provide a variety of other useful tools for you to use. The decision of whether you use it or not is completely up to you as the parent, but if you get the feeling that your child may be in danger, having easy access to what they are doing, may go a long way in helping you get them out of trouble

The Best App for Smart Phones

Most kids lean more toward using their smart phone than using their home computer. The smart phone is a computer within a small device that they can carry with them everywhere. A lot of kids want it to be kept private. However, Phone Sherriff will make it easy for you to see what your kids are doing.

It offers a variety of features including how the phone handles being lost or stolen. In the case of a lost cell phone, all of the phone’s personal data will be removed so that your child is not put at risk. It keeps track of your child’s contacts, the photos they take, the text messages that are sent and received, and even turn the phone off during times when you feel your child does not need to be using it.Phonecontroler

With Phone Sherriff, you can get a text when your child or one of their contacts says certain key words, such as drug names. This will help you know what kind of trouble your kids may be getting into. You can keep your child off the phone when you tell them to go to sleep for the night and keep it inactive until they get out of school the next day, so that your child rests and learns in a healthy way.

Net Nanny

NatnannyNet Nanny is another app that can be put on a cell phone or a software that can be put onto your home computer. While it is active, you will be able to filter out certain web content, including porn, hide profanity, set time limits, and allow or block certain applications. If your child attempts to go places on the internet that you do not approve of, you will get email notifications of their actions.

With this single program you have unbeatable internet filtering options available to you so that you will never have to worry about what your child’s friends may be encouraging your child to do. It is cheaper than the other software, but also lacks some of its features.

To some parents, these programs may seem like an invasion of privacy for their children. Other parents know that sometimes blocking stuff from their kids is just a part of parenting. Wouldn’t you rather be safe by using the best parental control apps and software available?