Technology in The Tub

TolietIpadMost of us use technology on a daily basis. It is something that impacts every part of our life. When you think of technology you may not even realize how much you use it. The stove you cook dinner on uses it and the television you watch to unwind at the end of the day wouldn’t be as impressive if it were not for technology. Virtually every room in a home has something that it would not have without technology and our constant desire to improve the world we live in. The only room that has been left behind so far in most homes is the bathroom, but even that is changing. Now you can enjoy technology in the tub.

The Technology We Love

LayingDownIpadTechnology is a beautiful thing. It enables us to stay connected to the world around us in a whole new way. Cell phones were something we dreamed about at one time and now they are smarter than ever. It takes the mere idea of keeping in contact, to a whole new level. The same can be said for a home computer, which was never a consideration for the average person 40 years ago, now virtually every home has one and its connected to the internet where you can work or shop from home. Everything we own is smarter, better, more usable, and more fun. And each day, it continues to get better. Which is why you must consider, how far will you be willing to go beyond the electronics you have already?

Go Beyond Your Electronics

Are you ready to go beyond computers and iPhones to explore what other options you may have? Is a smart watch what you would dream of? A necklace that is a video camera that stores everything in cyberspace until you get home to decide what you want to keep? If it is not available at this time, there is a good chance that it will be available in the near future. Will you take advantage of it? Will you see what technology you can put into your bathroom?

Technology makes Bathrooms More Interesting

LEDShowerHeadBluetooth speakers and having the ability to talk on the phone when you are in the shower was a stretch at one time. Now, it is possible to enjoy music that you have downloaded onto your smartphone or you can stream music through it. Even the amount of water pressure you have can vary depending on your mood. Water faucets restrict or increase the amount of pressure you have in your shower, based on the way you want to set up your bathroom. You can even turn it into a disco shower if you choose the right LED shower head. Some of the LEDs change colors to create a constantly changing environment and some are designed to be one color if the water is cold or another color when they are hot. The idea behind the hot and cold effect is to keep young children and elderly adults from getting their shower temperature wrong. It is possible if you take technology into the tub. What will they dream of next?