The Future of Transportation

Since planes and automobiles first came into existence, we have dreamed of and heard about flying cars. It is something that many science fiction films show in great detail and there have been rumors that by the year 2020 there was a good chance that we would see some that fly. Do you believe it is possible? What do you think the future of transportation will hold?

Transportation Takes a Leap

If you think about the way vehicles have changed since their creation, you may notice a trend. We are constantly moving forward. Vehicles become smaller and lighter than before, they have improved gas mileage over even 20 years ago when most vehicles would top out on gas mileage about where our SUVs do now. There were some that would go 20+ mpg, but most would go between 15-20 mpg. Now, many cars can go 30 mpg and some go much higher since we also have the ability to use electric cars. There are also cars that make use of automation and can drive, stop, and alert you to potential dangers. Does that mean the flying car era is nearly upon us as science fiction claims it may be?

Looking at the Facts

We are always looking for new ways to get around. One popular choice that is very similar to a flying machine is the self-balancing scooters, as seen on Scooter Smarter, which are ideal for people of all ages to ride. If you can balance you can ride on a single or double wheel, standing up, leaning in one direction or another to go the way you want to ride. These wheel-less boards have been a popular idea for more than 20 years when they were first seen on the big screen. They have come to be, but so far require the person to ride using magnetic fields and other stuff. Perhaps once the hoverboard has been perfected, we will actually move up to vehicles that travel on air rather than tires.

The Future is Going to Be Exciting

With all the progressions we have made in the realm of transportation, we can feel confident of only one thing; it is going to be exciting to see what comes next. Already there are prototypes for vehicles that can soar and trains in Japan can ride on magnetic tracks. The future of transportation is very promising. Perhaps we may not have everyone riding around in hover-cars by the year 2020 as previously thought, but it does seem that it will be in our future somewhere. Maybe for our grandchildren and their children to enjoy, perhaps even sooner. There are rumors that within the next five or six years, flying cars may be available on the market, but it will be a specialty item that not all of us will be able to afford. There are some people who feel that a lot of changes will take place before hovercars are a big seller on the open market. The truth is; only time will tell and technology promises to make it happen soon.