The Latest Drones

minidrone-300x250Can you imagine being able to send your robot, or drone, into the world and see everything through videos and pictures that it will take? This in essence means that you could scope out the landscape around your home from overhead. A farmer could check to see how his field is doing, without ever leaving his home. The unique overhead images could give him a heads up on what areas are not getting enough water or fertilizer. In the business world, deliveries of items could be made easier and companies could find out valuable information about their products, especially in situations where they have hazardous areas.

What Is a Drone?

Drones, in the past, were known as unmanned aerial vehicles. They are basically robots that can fly by having someone control them with a remote control. However, some types of drones may also fly autonomously by using programs that plan out their flight path. This is done through GPS.

Throughout history, drones have been used by the military because of their ability to get into a volatile area without having a human take risks to get there. They have also been used in search and rescue where it is perhaps unreasonable to have a rescue team venture into the area without cause.

Today, they play a role in weather monitoring, traffic monitoring, and firefighting among other things. They are gaining enough popularity in other areas, such as photography, that even the Federal Aviation Administration is attempting to develop regulations for anyone who wants to operate them, because it is becoming apparent that people will continue to find a need for a drone.

The Newest Drone

The Phantom 3 robotic drone is the newest in a long list of drones. It was created by the world’s largest drone manufacturer for consumers, DJI. The Phantom 3 is one of the most affordable drones ever and it is being used as a way to get the average consumer on board with its rapidly gaining popularity.Drone-300x167

It is designed to take outstanding aerial photography and video. It does have a short 23 minute battery life, but during the time that the battery lasts, you will have the option to take amazing still shots of the things that it sees from above. It also has the ability to take high quality videos and upload them straight to YouTube. However, as long as you are within a mile of your drone, you will be able to watch it live. It is small enough to fly indoors and has enough sensors on it to keep it from bumping into everything nearby.


How Much Will It Cost?

To have your very own drone, you should expect to pay $999 for the basic one. If you want the more professional level Phantom, you will pay about $1,259 at this time. Over time, though, this price is expected to continue to drop as newer technology becomes more affordable and the interest in it by consumers continues to grow. In fact, if you are not interested in all that the Phantom 3 has to offer and you simply want a drone to experiment with, you can find others for a much more affordable price. To decide on the type of drone you want, you will have to figure out what features you want it to have. Then you simply have to ask yourself where you want it to be able to take you.