The Latest Drones

minidrone-300x250Can you imagine being able to send your robot, or drone, into the world and see everything through videos and pictures that it will take? This in essence means that you could scope out the landscape around your home from overhead. A farmer could check to see how his field is doing, without ever leaving his home. The unique overhead images could give him a heads up on what areas are not getting enough water or fertilizer. In the business world, deliveries of items could be made easier and companies could find out valuable information about their products, especially in situations where they have hazardous areas. Continue reading

Parental Control Apps and Software

ParentalControlsIf you have kids and smart phones along with home computers, you know you have spent many hours wondering what your kids are up to. The internet and the cyber world is a great place for kids to learn and socialize with their friends, but it does come with dangers and the possibility that they will do things you do not want for them to do. Kids by default are curious about their world and the availability of technology increases their chance to explore. As a parent, you have to worry about what websites they visit, who they talk to, and what they are doing while on the computer or their smart phones and tablets. If you want to take more control, why not consider using one of the best parental control apps and software on all of your devices. This will ensure that your kids are safer, no matter where you are.  Continue reading

Four Wheel Tech Gadgets

Many people enjoy using four wheelers because it is a fast way to get around and you can go off-roading in search of adventures. However, they also enjoy four wheelers and Jeeps because it is something you can customize and get dirty with. If you have a strong sense of adventure and a true desire to get a little mud on your tires; you may also want to consider one of these motorized vehicles. This will then enable you to customize it to the fullest.

Adding Non-Technology Based Accessories

When shopping for technology that you will use with your ATV, you may want to first start with storage racks, ATV covers to keep it out of the weather when not in use, and other things. These items will give your four-wheeler more useful things and they are often an affordable way to start creating your dream ride. Can you imagine having a storage area that will hold your backpack, tent, sleeping bag, or other things? It can even be in a box so that no matter how down and dirty you get; your items can stay dry. You can also add mirrors on each side to give you the ability to see what is behind you without looking over your shoulder.

Technology for the ATV

There are many radios that can work on your four-wheeled vehicle. There are GPS devices that you can attach to the front of your ATV to help you get back home at the end of a weekend long adventure into a new area. There are often water resistant and promise to provide quality sound. To power your accessories, you may need to accessorize your battery so that everything will have enough power. You may even want to consider a battery tender to ensure that you always have access to a full charge. This will make it possible for you to charge up even those smaller devices such as four wheeler speakers.

Technology for Your Jeep

If you prefer to have a Jeep over an ATV, you can still add to it to make it better. You may choose to add off road tires, lift kits, wenches to help others get out of a sticky situation, and much more. They can also make use of GPS systems, high-tech speakers, and heavy-duty speakers that are not easily affected by the water that your adventures may expose it to.

The fog lights, work lamps, bug shields, racks and other items for your Jeep may be able to work just as well on an ATV. You will have to read up on the parts that you want to see exactly what you may be able to do with them. In all cases, upgrading just a few things on your vehicle can make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable in every way. So why not take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest?

The Future of Transportation

Since planes and automobiles first came into existence, we have dreamed of and heard about flying cars. It is something that many science fiction films show in great detail and there have been rumors that by the year 2020 there was a good chance that we would see some that fly. Do you believe it is possible? What do you think the future of transportation will hold?

Transportation Takes a Leap

If you think about the way vehicles have changed since their creation, you may notice a trend. We are constantly moving forward. Vehicles become smaller and lighter than before, they have improved gas mileage over even 20 years ago when most vehicles would top out on gas mileage about where our SUVs do now. There were some that would go 20+ mpg, but most would go between 15-20 mpg. Now, many cars can go 30 mpg and some go much higher since we also have the ability to use electric cars. There are also cars that make use of automation and can drive, stop, and alert you to potential dangers. Does that mean the flying car era is nearly upon us as science fiction claims it may be?

Looking at the Facts

We are always looking for new ways to get around. One popular choice that is very similar to a flying machine is the self-balancing scooters, as seen on Scooter Smarter, which are ideal for people of all ages to ride. If you can balance you can ride on a single or double wheel, standing up, leaning in one direction or another to go the way you want to ride. These wheel-less boards have been a popular idea for more than 20 years when they were first seen on the big screen. They have come to be, but so far require the person to ride using magnetic fields and other stuff. Perhaps once the hoverboard has been perfected, we will actually move up to vehicles that travel on air rather than tires.

The Future is Going to Be Exciting

With all the progressions we have made in the realm of transportation, we can feel confident of only one thing; it is going to be exciting to see what comes next. Already there are prototypes for vehicles that can soar and trains in Japan can ride on magnetic tracks. The future of transportation is very promising. Perhaps we may not have everyone riding around in hover-cars by the year 2020 as previously thought, but it does seem that it will be in our future somewhere. Maybe for our grandchildren and their children to enjoy, perhaps even sooner. There are rumors that within the next five or six years, flying cars may be available on the market, but it will be a specialty item that not all of us will be able to afford. There are some people who feel that a lot of changes will take place before hovercars are a big seller on the open market. The truth is; only time will tell and technology promises to make it happen soon.

Elderly Transport Options

Mobility and age are two things that do not seem to work well together. A lot of our older generations have a difficult time getting around without help. This makes it difficult for them to get out and enjoy the parts of nature that they have probably enjoyed in their younger years. Even walking outside to check the mail may be difficult enough that they feel they have to give it up. You do not have to feel this way anymore. There are several elderly transportation options available for you.

The Many Transportation Options for the Elderly

Transportation options go further than the typical wheelchairs that most people expect. Now, you can choose an electric wheelchair if you or someone you love has an inability to get around freely, but some people do not like the idea of venturing outside in a wheelchair since their batteries may go dead quickly. There are also hover boards for people who are able to stand up and balance, but not walk for a long distance. In many cases, most people prefer to have an electric scooter.

Why Choose Electric Scooters?

With all the options people have that are able to increase their mobility, the scooter ranks well as one of the most popular. This is because they are able to go anywhere that the person wants to go, unlike bulky wheelchairs, and hover boards that have a short battery life. Hoverboards are mostly suitable for sidewalks and scooters can go off road. Wheelchairs are able to fold up, but they still remain large and they are complicated to fold. The new folding electric scooters for adults are different. They are uncomplicated to fold and put away when not in use.

Some scooters will also have baskets for you to use when you need to carry items with you. This means that you can carry a cell phone, a purse, groceries, mail, or anything else with you. Your items will always be within easy reach and you can simply ride to where you want to go.

Is a Folding Electric Scooter Right for You?

With the price of a folding scooter, some people may avoid buying this mobility option. However, that would be a mistake since they are able to do so much for an elderly person who has trouble getting around. It can give them back their life. It can enable them to get out and enjoy the world around them the way that we are all supposed to do. Many are able to hold a charge for up to 43 miles if the person is riding on smooth terrain. Most all of them are able to hold 275+ pounds at a time. They all have three or four wheels so that you can feel confident that the rider will not tip over, even if they happen to be on uneven ground. What more could you hope for if you are tired of being at home without the ability to get outside?


Technology in The Tub

TolietIpadMost of us use technology on a daily basis. It is something that impacts every part of our life. When you think of technology you may not even realize how much you use it. The stove you cook dinner on uses it and the television you watch to unwind at the end of the day wouldn’t be as impressive if it were not for technology. Virtually every room in a home has something that it would not have without technology and our constant desire to improve the world we live in. The only room that has been left behind so far in most homes is the bathroom, but even that is changing. Now you can enjoy technology in the tub.

The Technology We Love

LayingDownIpadTechnology is a beautiful thing. It enables us to stay connected to the world around us in a whole new way. Cell phones were something we dreamed about at one time and now they are smarter than ever. It takes the mere idea of keeping in contact, to a whole new level. The same can be said for a home computer, which was never a consideration for the average person 40 years ago, now virtually every home has one and its connected to the internet where you can work or shop from home. Everything we own is smarter, better, more usable, and more fun. And each day, it continues to get better. Which is why you must consider, how far will you be willing to go beyond the electronics you have already?

Go Beyond Your Electronics

Are you ready to go beyond computers and iPhones to explore what other options you may have? Is a smart watch what you would dream of? A necklace that is a video camera that stores everything in cyberspace until you get home to decide what you want to keep? If it is not available at this time, there is a good chance that it will be available in the near future. Will you take advantage of it? Will you see what technology you can put into your bathroom?

Technology makes Bathrooms More Interesting

LEDShowerHeadBluetooth speakers and having the ability to talk on the phone when you are in the shower was a stretch at one time. Now, it is possible to enjoy music that you have downloaded onto your smartphone or you can stream music through it. Even the amount of water pressure you have can vary depending on your mood. Water faucets restrict or increase the amount of pressure you have in your shower, based on the way you want to set up your bathroom. You can even turn it into a disco shower if you choose the right LED shower head. Some of the LEDs change colors to create a constantly changing environment and some are designed to be one color if the water is cold or another color when they are hot. The idea behind the hot and cold effect is to keep young children and elderly adults from getting their shower temperature wrong. It is possible if you take technology into the tub. What will they dream of next?

Magnification Explained

magnificationOur eyes are designed to allow us to see the things around us and even things that are a good distance away from us can be seen. However, this does not always mean that our eyes can see details of an object that is farther away from us, even if you have perfect vision. You may not see a small item and even those with the best eyesight have times when eventually everything gets a little distorted. That is why magnification is a beautiful thing for pretty much everyone, especially hunters who may want to take aim at something a couple hundred yards away.

How Do Binoculars Work?

When you are sitting in the middle of your living room looking out your window or outside in the woods trying to see over long distances, your vision can seem a little lacking. There are details that you cannot see accurately when the object is further away from you. Even an object that is 10ft away will have less detail than one that is 5ft from you. Binoculars, monoculars, and scopes, change this by bringing that object, that is, “over there”, closer to you. For instance, an object or animal that is 100ft away can become larger, clearer, and more detailed than if you were trying to use the naked eye to see it.

What Your Eyes Actually See

Binoculars and even rifle scopes are all similar. They provide you with the ability to see things at a distance. How does it work? There is some science behind creating a perfect pair of binoculars or why one scope may be considered the best scope for 308 and others may come up short. They use lighting and other things to enhance things and make them clearer.

To help you understand, think about light. When light hits a solid object, it stops, creating a shadow. When light hits a clear item, such as glass or water, it bends a little, but shines through. That particular effect is called, “refraction”. Refraction is the key to a great set of binoculars, monoculars, scopes, and even telescopes. You may not see the refraction happen, but your eyes are immediately able to see further away.

The Science Behind Magnification

BinocularsIf you look at a glass of water, you may at first feel that it is flat at the top of the water. However, closer inspection will prove that there is actually a very slight curve to the water. This slight curvature is called the “meniscus”. When you take that glass of water and put it on a newspaper and look down into the glass, everything you see will look about the same because it is still in essence, straight. If you could then make that slight meniscus larger so that you could look at it from the side, the newspaper would become distorted, but larger. A scope or a binocular set uses that effect. It is done using various shapes of lenses; one being a convex lens that bends light toward the middle and the other is a concave lens that curves in the opposite way. Both are slightly dome-shaped and the effect it creates makes light rays spread out.

The problem is, once the light is bent through the dome lenses it basically makes you see things upside down. This is where prisms are handy, especially with binoculars and telescopes. Rifle scopes combat this by using other lenses and various adjustments. The best scopes provide clear images without any distortion that your eyes can see.

Technology Behind Smart Boards

MotherBoardIn recent times, a new toy has become very popular amid both children and adjusts. It is also known as a personal transportation device since it can carry people several miles on a single charge at double the speed of walking. It is great for the environment and perfect for people who are going to work or running a few small errands. People love how easy it is on their back and their legs. They enjoy knowing that they can get to where they want to go without having to load up in the car and drive there. However, it is the technology behind smart boards that truly captures the fascination of most people.

Technology Behind Smart Boards

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Software behind Creating A Smart Home

Software behind Creating A Smart Home

SmartHome-300x233Home automation is not a newer concept, but now it is becoming easier to do. There are a variety of software and smart phone apps available for helping you turn any home into a smart home. All it takes is the right program and the right devices. Are you ready to learn more about the software behind creating a smart home?

Thermostat Options

In the past, people have had access to traditional thermostats that were controlled by adjusting the dial. Then, you had slightly more complicated programmable thermostats that you could easily set up to come on and shut off at certain times of the day. Both of these options were good, but neither of them were excellent. Neither of them work as well as people want in the new technology age where everything works via Wi-Fi and smart phones.SmartThermostat-300x277

Today, things are changing. Wi-Fi thermostats hook to your home network and then give you access to controlling it via your computer or smart phone. The first step is to figure out what thermostat you need to install and often the new thermostat will come with the software it needs for you to install. If you already have the wireless thermostat, one app that works both for Android devices and iPhones is the Nest app. You do need to ensure that you have nest products in your home for it to connect to your nest applications.

Controlling Your Lights

SmartLights-300x300If you want to control your home lighting via your smart phone or a computer, the first thing you need to do is have plug ins installed or at the very least, dimmer switches that are designed to be controllable. If you look into a home automation kit, you will get everything you need to get started. There are apps for both Apple and Android as well as windows based computers. They are easy to install and use. Can you imagine controlling your home’s lights from work?

Other Smart Home Options

Through home automation you can control virtually every aspect of your home, even when you are on vacation. Using an old smart phone or tablet, you can turn it into a security camera for your home which is motion activated. The software you need for the IOS is Manythings. Android applications include Salient Eye. There are baby monitors that can be set up using an old tablet or smart phone as well.

If you are going on vacation for an extended period of time and you want to make it appear you are home, you can open and close blinds or curtains using software applications combined with the right equipment. This is also a good time to have the lights come on with a touch of your smart phone. If you can hook up an old cell phone to a landline phone it can work as a smoke detector and send out an alert without you having to invest a fortune in home security.What would you enjoy most about a smart home where you can change out the plug your coffee pot is hooked into and have it come on when you wake up before the coffee pot is set to start, by simply grabbing your phone? It is possible. With smart phones, smart lighting, and various software, anything at all is possible in your home.

Most Used Anti-Virus Program

Avast-244x300With all of the viruses that are floating around on the internet, a person can never be too careful when it comes to protecting themselves from trouble. Some of these viruses have the ability to attack our email contacts and bombard us with spam. Others can completely wipe out a computer or make it impossible to start. If you are not protected at all, you are taking a major risk with your computer’s safety and security. Therefore, you want an antivirus program that is good, reliable, and one that does not stop you from doing the things you want to do by being over complicated. Here are the most used anti-virus programs by other people for those reasons. Continue reading

Is the Smart Watch Worth It?

AppleWatch-300x300We live in a world that is dominated by technology. We have a variety of things that are “smarter” than ever. Televisions no longer simply allow people to watch TV, now they are smart and run off wireless networks and apps. Computers are touch screens and phones are miniature computers. All of these devices enhance and improve the way we get through the day. Now, you can also add in the smart watch to your “must have” list. It is the watch that claims to do way more than tell time, but is it really something you need? Here is the truth about whether the smart watch is worth it or not. Continue reading

Why People Love Popcorn Time

PopcorntimeThe age of the internet has shown the world that there are simple ways to entertain yourself. It gives you unlimited access to music, without using a radio and waiting for your favorite songs to come on. It has also enabled people to watch movies without going out to buy expensive DVDs and Blu-ray Disks. Popcorn Time is an application that makes watching movies even easier. As an added bonus, the makers of it promise that it will never cost you a dime to watch movies. Perhaps this is why people love Popcorn Time, but is it really too good to be true? Continue reading