Most Used Anti-Virus Program

Avast-244x300With all of the viruses that are floating around on the internet, a person can never be too careful when it comes to protecting themselves from trouble. Some of these viruses have the ability to attack our email contacts and bombard us with spam. Others can completely wipe out a computer or make it impossible to start. If you are not protected at all, you are taking a major risk with your computer’s safety and security. Therefore, you want an antivirus program that is good, reliable, and one that does not stop you from doing the things you want to do by being over complicated. Here are the most used anti-virus programs by other people for those reasons. Continue reading

Why People Love Popcorn Time

PopcorntimeThe age of the internet has shown the world that there are simple ways to entertain yourself. It gives you unlimited access to music, without using a radio and waiting for your favorite songs to come on. It has also enabled people to watch movies without going out to buy expensive DVDs and Blu-ray Disks. Popcorn Time is an application that makes watching movies even easier. As an added bonus, the makers of it promise that it will never cost you a dime to watch movies. Perhaps this is why people love Popcorn Time, but is it really too good to be true? Continue reading

The Best Password Manager

InternetPasswords-209x300Before computers, smart phones, tablets, and other devices, a password was something that most people barely needed to have. At first, even with those devices, it was possible to use one single word password for each. Then, as more and more people worried about security, passwords had to become longer and it is to the point now where passwords are very complicated, long words with special characters or numbers instead of letters. It is no longer possible to use the same password on every account and it is getting more complicated by the day to keep up with all the various passwords we have to remember. Then you run into a situation where if you write down a password so that you do not forget it, what happens if a stranger finds it or you lose it? The drama never ends. That is why some people choose password managers instead of paper, but what is the best password manager available? Continue reading

IP to OVH OVH to ban

In the wake of the previous IP RPS ticket to banish OVH , I found myself by chance a few hours later with exactly the same attack but coming from a kimsufi (yes it lol Sat- sufi scan to type marcel : ) )

In fact to want to go cheap , you reap the users cream ... too often , good brief here is a new IP to clear knowing that the guy uses this machine to other :( scanner (among others)

Oh by the way , in my free draft and free PHP Firewall , I ( not no chance) from version 1.0.1 of 17/02/2010 added security blocking precisely these types of attack , like what I just a little early (good for truth already at quite time machines were used for purposes not very recommendable .= I hope that with time will the OVH ' Ho, there ' these small low rise badgers ...